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Anti-Shatter / Bomb Blast Window Film
200 micron Clear

The safety and security window films we sell are designed to make glass safer, both by strengthening it against breakage and helping hold dangerous shards of shattered glass in place when breakage does occur.

Tested and certified to EN 12600 Class 181, Able Install 200-micron Clear Safety and Security Film is used to help comply with current government guidelines for bomb blast protection. Multi-laminate safety and security film is now widely used by government agencies as well as many commercial organisations to address the risk of a bomb blast or industrial explosion at or near their premises.

Our safety and security window films are suitable for use in many applications - both in the workplace and home. Apart from safety, other benefits can include improved security by creating a deterrent to 'smash and grab' crime, and providing protection against the vandalism of glass through graffiti or scratching. When used in conjunction with edge-retention profiles, both enhanced security and blast protection can be achieved.

Features Benefits
High optical clarity Clear, non-tinted appearance on glass.
Quick, retro-fit installation Can be used where costly and disruptive large-scale replacement of existing glazing is not a viable option.
Scratch-resistant Suitable for most non-abrasive window-cleaning methods.
Screening of harmful UV rays Reduced fading of interior furnishings.

The delivery price quoted is for UK and Europe ONLY - maximum of 5 rolls

If you would like more than 5 rolls OR outside Europe please call for details

Buying a Whole Roll (30 metres)?

Buying Less than 30 metres? Orders will include a 6.50 cutting charge (shown as 'Postage & Packing')




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